5 Secrets Of People With Perfect Eyesight.

5 Secrets Of People With Perfect Eyesight.

This post is for you if you want to know the habits or routine people with perfect eyesight follow. Have a sneak peak into what your friends or family with perfect eyesight do.

Ever wondered what do people with perfect eyesight do to maintain their perfect eyesight? Well, I have to admit I always have. It still puzzles me and I keep trying to find out more about them. I’ve read a lot of books, I’ve questioned a lot of my friends, I’ve gone through quite a few forums as well. So let me brief you on the secrets.

I’ve asked so many of them for tips before, but nobody helped. After reading a few books, I realised everyone who had perfect vision were following these practices unintentionally. They were doing it without knowledge. They had no clue that they were following these 5 Highly Effective Practices. Isn’t it amazing to hear people doing random stuff without being aware and reaping benefits?

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So let me not waste any of your time in breaking those 5 Magical Practices  to you, so that you can follow them yourself and reap the benefits.


Secret Number 1:- Play A Sport


Most of my friends who play a sport (like tennis) have perfect eyesight. Tennis forces your eye to focus on the ball. Your eyes get stronger as it has to focus on a ball at various distances. It is considered to be one of the best sports for your eye. If you ever paid attention, you would realise that most of the sports stars in every field live a spectacle free life.


Secret Number 2:- Staying Positive


I know many people who watch TV all day, read all night, use their computers for more than 6 hrs in a day but still have perfect vision. Why on Earth do I wear spectacles then? Puzzled right? These people were always positive about their eyesight.

I’ve noticed that people are worried about something are effected first. The same thing applies here as well. If you’ve heard about the Law Of Attraction you will understand it better, but for now knowing this much is enough.


Secret Number 3:- Enough Rest


You definitely have a friend who sleeps all day. We all know that person and we secretly want to be like him. Yes, who doesn’t want to sleep all day? I definitely want to.

Sleeping gives your eyes the rest they need, the rest they deserve. If you can’t sleep for 24 hours a day, you must read this “How to relax your eyes?


Secret Number 4:- They Study Objects.


Now you might think “What does Abhirath mean by studying objects?”

If you have the habit of observing too much, you probably have good vision. When you focus your eye on something, your eye muscles try to make the image as clear as possible.  Suppose you suffer from myopia, try focusing on far away objects as clearly as possible and if you suffer from hypermetropia, look at objects nearby.

So next time you see your friend giving the Sherlock Holmes stare, give a pat on his back.


Secret Number 5:- They Are Happy And Worry Free.


The number cause of vision loss is “Stress”. To sum it up in a simple equation

More Stress = More Visual Problems.

Being happy and grateful is one of the best ways to improve your life and health. I am serious. Why not give this a read?

“Improving Eyesight With The Help of Your Mind”


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How To Improve Vision? 5 Unknown Tips To Have Eagle Like Eyesight.

How To Improve Vision? 5 Tips To Have Eagle Like Eyesight.

You are not alone. These are the questions I get on a regular basis.

  • Is it possible to improve my eyesight even though I have to use my computer a lot?
  • My work forces me to read a lot. Can I protect my vision?
  • I don’t find any time at all. Are there any quick fixes?
  • I find it difficult to eat healthy. Are there any alternatives?
  • Both my parents wear glasses, is there any way to save myself from bad vision?





Before heading anywhere, we first need to understand why does eye our lose its strength. The eye balls are made up of muscles. When these muscles weaken, our vision degrades.


For instance if you stare at your computer screen for long durations (We all do), your eye ball starts losing its ability to focus at objects far away. It creates stress and weakens the eye muscles which disable the eye from seeing far away objects clearly. Imagine yourself banging your head on the wall. If you want to feel better, you obviously have to stop banging and then apply ice. You cannot apply ice until you stop banging. Similarly in this case, we first need to reduce the damage we already do to our eyes and then take some proactive measures to improve them.

tips to improve vision


So we first need to stop the weakening and then try to strengthen them to their natural state. We will now have a look at Five Quick Ways To Stop Stress And Reverse The Damage caused already. And before that it is not necessary that you too will wear spectacles just because your parents wear it. There are some chances but you can definitely take action and avoid spectacles.

Excellent Tips To Enhanced Eye Sight


The First Tip – Distract


This is the single most important tip to improve eye sight. Not much work but crazy results. If you follow this from the time you have normal vision, you have an excellent chance to maintain your vision for a long time to come.

Use this little unknown trick when you are doing things that strain your eyes (say reading or using your computer). Don’t panic it is very simple. Every 10 minutes look at an object that is at least 10 feet away. Yes it is that simple.

Here is the science behind it. Your eyes need some rest while doing stressful work. So just look away for 10 seconds in intervals of 10 minutes.

The Second Tip – Sleep Well


Your eyes need rest. They are tired as well.

Did you know? If you walk for 80 Kms, it would amount to the same level of work that your eye does on an average day. So give your eyes the rest they deserve. Sleep well. At least for 6 hours everyday. Let your eyes feel good and fresh when you wake up the next day.


The Third Tip – Eye Exercise

Exercise your eyes whenever you have time. There are many programs available in the market. If you can give 30 minutes to 60 minutes everyday you can improve vision at an amazing rate. Vision Without Glasses and Natural Clear Vision Manual are good programs in the market right now to improve eyesight.

You can also check out my previous articles that are quite helpful. Improving Your Eyesight While Sitting In The Toilet.

Also read some eye exercises that will help you improve vision. Eye Exercises To Improve Eyesight


The Fourth Tip – Consistency


You are probably inspired by this article and will follow it for, I guess 3 days. After that you lose interest and hope. Let me tell you, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You have to be consistent and try to follow these practices regularly until you get results.

So if you aren’t going to follow the tips given here, I don’t feel that there is any reason to you reading this.

The Fifth Tip – Positivity


Even your best efforts will fail if you don’t believe that it is possible for you to achieve your goals. Seriously. So while following the stuff I’ve mentioned here, remember to stay positive and optimistic. Being optimistic will bring you results faster and you will find the practices more interesting. Will you follow something if you feel it doesn’t work?

Obviously no. So just believe and start today.


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Palming For Your Eyes.

What Is Palming ?

Palming is a vision relaxation technique which will help you to relax as well as improve your vision. It greatly benefits computer users, voracious readers and other people who strain their eyes a lot. It’s been used since ancient times.

What Are The Benefits Of Palming ?

  • Firstly it greatly reduces stress. You can see the benefits almost instantly. Your eye will actually rejuvenate and feel soft.
  • It helps improve the clarity of the images that you see. After you try this exercise (even once is enough) you will notice that colors are more vivid and you can see everything quite clearly for some time too.
  • Improves concentration because you don’t focus on any problem or issue.


How To Palm Your Eyes ?

Palming is an very easy yet effective technique. Even 5 year old kids can perform it with ease. It just involves a few simple steps and you are ready to go .

Here We Go

Step 1 :- Rub your palms against each other until they become nice and warm. Rub them for approximately 20 seconds.

Step 2 :- Place one palm over each eye. Make sure that your palm does not touch your eyeballs. Also make sure they do not exert any pressure on your eyeballs in any way.

Step 3 :- Rest your shoulders on some surface so that you don’t feel tired.

Step 4 :- Relax your body and then focus only on the darkness around your eyes. Don’t think about the chores you have to do, your work, your kids, your laptop or anything else. Try relaxing every part of your body as much as possible. Forget about every worry you have. The more relaxed you are the darker the black color will be. In the beginning it might be grayish but as you progress it will become darker and darker.

Step 5 :- Be in this state for five minutes.  After you open your eyes you will see the difference for yourself.



When To Palm Your Eyes ?

Technically speaking you can palm your eyes any time. You can practice palming particularly when your eyes feel tired.

You can palm after you’ve used your computer for quite some time.

You can palm when your eyes feel tired or strained.

You can palm when your eyes pain or when they are hurt (palm in the relaxation period after you’ve taken care of the hurt)



So you’ve got the trick now.

So Keep Calm And Palm !




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