Online Eye Test

Online Eye Test – Some Instructions

  • Do not squint or try to see. Let it come naturally.
  • This is not an alternative to official eye exams conducted by eye specialists. They possess amazing technology, which is far better than any online eye test.
  • By able to see, I mean able to see clearly and effortlessly.” Seeing with difficulty” is not the same as “able to see”.

Online Eye Test

Through this post I’ll help you get your eyes checked online. Please note that it is only possible to get an idea of the intensity of  your eye problem and not the accurate prescription.

So, here we go.

Answer some questions first.

1) Do you get frequent headaches while reading books or small prints?

2) Do you find yourself squinting to see while watching T.V ?

3) Have you ever noticed that you can’t see things that other people are able to see?


Okay, Lets go a little deeper.


1)  Can you read the alphabets in the line below, from a distance of 1o cms from the screen?

Online eye test



2) Can you read the line below, from  distance of 10 feet?

Online Eye Test



3) Can you read this line from a distance of 6 feet?

online eye test


After you’ve completed the above procedures, you can head towards assessing yourself.

If your answer to any of the above questions were yes or you found it difficult to read any of lines please consider visiting an eye doctor.

If you find it difficult to read books and couldn’t read the line while you were 10 cms away from the screen, you suffer from farsightedness or hypermetropia.

If you find it difficult to watch T.V or found it difficult to read the lines when your were 6 feet or 10 feet away from the screen, you probably suffer from myopia.


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    i dont think no one has thought of this before..:)

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