Vision Without Glasses Review. Scam or Real ? View The E-book Before Buying

Vision Without Glasses Review

This is a true personal review of  Vision Without Glasses after using it for two months. Scroll down to read the whole review and get insights into what the program has to offer. I improved my vision and have also given tips that will help you get better results. Also have a look at the actual product.So read till the end.

Vision without glasses is a well researched product by Duke Peterson. It is an extensive program designed by Duke Peterson after back breaking research and mind blogging efforts. He has compiled it into a neat all in one package where you can learn everything.
Okay let’s get to the review of vision without glasses without wasting time. The question that would be lingering in your mind is “Do eye exercises really work?” , my answer is ” A big yes”. I’ve personally tried this product and it really works. Some useful info about this product.
Please scroll down and continue reading till the video loads. I will show you the actual e-book in this video.


These eye exercises take only 15 – 25 minutes everyday.

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My Experience

For the first 2-3 days my eyes were tired and I found it difficult to follow the exercises. I started getting clear flashes from the 4th day (A very good sign of visual improvement). After around 10 days I noticed a little improvement. I was able to see things that I couldn’t see earlier without glasses. Vision Without Glasses actually worked.

After a month the results  were very visible.  My eyes improved by about 1.25 Diopter. Eyes were more energetic and strong. I lost momentum after a month because I started skipping days. I began compromising my routine. The next month the improvements weren’t as good as the first month. My overall health improved too. They give a lot of different advice which indirectly benefit your eyes but directly benefit your health.

The most important thing that I personally think one has to follow is – “Stop waiting for results. Stop observing your progress frequently. Sincerely do the exercises and check them once a month. You will see better results as you stop being anxious and tensed. ” And the relaxation techniques mentioned in this book are equally important. We fail to realize that they help in vision improvement too. Bear all this is mind while following this program.


Vision Without Glasses Review – Pros

  • It really works.
  • Takes only 15-25 minutes of your time daily.
  • Includes special schedule for busy people
  • Avoids all the risks associated with Lasik Surgery.
  • Really cheap and worth the investment as you end up saving lots of money
  • Amazing customer service, they reply to every query of yours.
  • Full refund if you aren’t satisfied.
  • You get many bonuses like free eye charts, other free books etc etc They are very useful and complement the main product.
  • It is very systematic and super organized. You will literally have every doubt cleared.

Vision Without Glasses Review – Cons

  • The results you get are determined by the amount of time and effort you put into perfecting the techniques. It works, but it’s not a magic overnight solution
  • Not very interesting to read as it is very detailed and comprehensive.
  • The patient needs some amount of determination.
  • Like what the old proverb says, you need patience. It may take time to master some techniques and exercises
  • You may find it difficult for a few weeks as it takes a little time to get accustomed to it.


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I personally feel your eyesight is much more valuable than the few dollars you will spend on this course. It’s an one time investment.

Vision Without Glasses Review


I feel investing a few dollars will save you lots of money in the future.

Vision Without Glasses Review

Vision Without Glasses Ratings

Vision Without Glasses Review – My Piece of advice. What I feel should be done when following the course.

  •  With a little determination you can easily achieve your goal.
  • Don’t lose hope. It’s human tendency to start doubting if they don’t notice results. I can tell you results will surely come, don’t be desperate.
  • Stay optimistic throughout the routine.
  • Take it as a challenge and enjoy the journey.
  • Think about the good results and stay motivated all day long.
I wish you good luck in your journey to perfect vision.
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11 Responses to “Vision Without Glasses Review. Scam or Real ? View The E-book Before Buying”

  1. Amit Pithadia says:

    very useful post….

  2. Larry says:

    I had lasik surgery 10 years ago. My vision has deteriorated back to the same before I had the surgery. I did have good vision for the first 7 or so years and then it started to deteriorate. Will this program still work for me even though I have had surgery?

  3. ummuuwais says:

    Are we supposed to avoid using our glasses throughout the programme? Since I’ve had a very poor eyesight & being a student, I really need those glasses for me to focus.

    • Abhirath Mahipal says:

      You can use glasses of a lesser power and exercise your eyes.
      Even I had high power, so I used to use glasses of a lesser prescription to perform eye exercises.
      Thank you for your feedback.

  4. anoumimouse says:

    plzz sent me the ebook of this book plzz abhirath mahipal

    • Abhirath Mahipal says:

      Anounmimouse, I would have published the e-book here if it were legal to do so.
      If I send it, I’ll be in trouble and my website will face legal action. Hope you understand.

  5. Rakhi says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wil Barath says:

    Both of my eyes, when relaxed, focus past infinity. I am far-sighted. Over the years I have exercised my eyes to make them work better without glasses. I have a pair of reading glasses which are weaker than my prescription ones, and I have knocked out the left lense because my left eye is only +1.2, and I have left in the +1.5 for my right eye which is +2.1

    What, if any, material in this e-book addresses the specific needs of people who are far-sighted? I’ve seen loads of material for people who are near-sighted, but absolutely nothing for people who are far-sighted, aside from corrective lenses, brighter viewing environments and/or pinhole lenses.

    • Abhirath Mahipal says:

      Yeah. You are kind of right. Luckily this program has exercises for both far and near sighted people.
      Also has a strong customer support in case you need help overcoming far – sightedness.

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